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** 4 YEARS ENGLISH TEACHING EXPERIENCE ** FUN AND INFORMAL LESSONS **WRITTEN FEEDBACK FOR EVERY LESSON**BRITISH ENGLISH** - I am happy to create tailored lessons for all my students. - All my lessons are easy-going, fun and I am a very patient teacher - I provide written feedback for every lesson (including tips, relevant vocabulary and suggestions for improvement) I have taught in Hong Kong as a fully time teacher for children aged 2-17. I taught private classes as well as group classes and all sorts of lessons, including reading comprehension, grammar, conversation and phonics. I have taught in Nepal and Africa also, as part of charity initiatives and as a long term volunteer teacher in Ghana. I always find teaching to be an incredibly rewarding experience. I enjoy learning about different cultures and countries and have very much enjoyed teaching abroad. I enjoy helping people learn as education and learning has always been important to me. I believe that people learn much better when they are passionate about something and that is a big focus of my lessons. I am happy to teach all facets of language learning i.e. grammar, conversation or reading but simply think that if these are approached around a topic that the learner cares about the student will learn quicker and more efficiently. So, for example, if you are particularly interested in football, India or baking then I will structure lessons so that your English learning is relevant to you. After all, an extra language is there to help you make greater connections and improve you life. More about me: I enjoy lots of different subjects and am always happy to learn new ones and discuss them with you. I enjoy reading, classics such as Jane Austen and Fitzgerald to modern works like A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) and Harry Potter. I love the outdoors and enjoy hiking, running and fishing. I love photography too, particularly landscape photography and am always trying to improve my shots. I like to knit, cook, bake and I absolutely love dogs, particularly my dog Ruby. I also enjoy yoga and meditation. I love to travel and have been many places in Europe, from Greece, to France and Spain to places as far as Australia, Zambia, Nepal and America. I am a patient and understanding teacher and look forward to meeting you soon!