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Hi, I'm Niki K an Inner Transformational Life Coach and Holistic Health Coach. My journey began in the corporate world as a Chartered Accountant of 12 years where I spent many years confused and burned out knowing that there was a much greater path for me in this life. After facing an episode of extreme burnout leading to adrenal fatigue back in 2012 my spirit was called into action. I quit my job, sold my belongings and bought a one-way ticket to Italy where my solo backpacking trip of a lifetime began. This is where I re discovered my true passions and mission in life. I have learnt that absolutely anything is possible once we begin to understand what is limiting us from moving forward. We are all unique and were put on this planet to fulfill our highest expressions and happiness, this is our birth right and we all deserve to live our greatest life. So, my mission is to help as many people reach great health and happiness physically, mentally and emotionally as we are not parts of a whole but one AMAZING being that is interconnected. I work with individuals to help them reach new heights so that they can LIVE THE LIFE THAT THEY HAVE IMAGINED! When we are well physically, mentally and emotionally we are powerful beyond belief. As a qualified Holistic Health Coach/NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and life long student of the Meditation and energy healing arts such as Chi Gong, Raj Yoga, mindfulness and having trained in Taekwondo for 20 years I bring supportiveness, great empathy, mind discipline as well as a warrior mentality to my coaching. I help individuals get through anything from work stress/school improvement/ reaching greater heights as an employee, getting back into great physical health and helping people reach their goals taking a holistic approach to life. We firstly explore what is going on for the individual physically then delving into areas of one's life such as their relationships/career/creativity and fun/spirituality/intimacy and the mind as they are all interconnected to one’s happiness and success in life. When we begin to view the human as a 'whole' that is a physical being as well as emotional/spiritual and mind we then begin to be a force to be reckoned with, as we begin to understand ourselves and respect all parts of 'us' that been the whole being which is when real change begins…. REAL CHANGE HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARE AWAKE~ THRIVE AND BECOME THE BEST YOU, EMPLOYEE, STUDENT, PARTNER, FRIEND AND SEE YOUR WORLD SLOWLY BEGIN TO SHIFT Services: Face to face/Skype/Telephone