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Marcus Victor


Support in training and developing the required skills and models you need to succeed in whatever you set yourself to.


Most often, by means of my questions and knowledge, I manage to be useful to those who want and are willing to invest time and money in: Self-knowledge, with the purpose of identifying and using their potential and qualities in the labor market: choose a study specialization, find a job, start an independent activity as freelancers, or start a business as entrepreneurs; Setting and pursuing personal and professional purposes, such as: complete a form of job training, get a contract or a promotion, find a life partner; Efficient learning, with the purpose of assimilating advanced skills in covering, processing and remembering information, using speed reading and memorizing and focusing techniques; Strategic promotion of one’s own services and products, as well as personal brand, with the purpose of getting more satisfied clients in the long run; Training and creating key-skills both in the professional and personal life: communication (especially persuasion and public speaking), organization (and especially planning), creativity and self-esteem; Changing inefficient behaviors, creating useful and positive habits, adapting attitudes to objectives and environment, identifying the aspects which are not working (such as blockages, inner conflicts, limiting convictions), and remedying them using specific techniques; Developing an authentic image, according to identity, by means of personal and organizational branding, blogging and copywriting (preparing promotional materials in marketing and public relations). All of these are very efficient because it is a priority for me to offer to my client as much value in as little time as possible. How does this work? First of all, I offer a first free 1-hour session to each new potential client, for a service, at their own choice, depending on their need and priority.