Ikebana(traditional Japanese flower arrangement )

  • Skills
  • Art/Creativity


Ikebana is a kind of traditional Japanese flower arrangement art. I have received training in Tokyo, Japan, which is the headquarters of our Ikebana school. There are more than 200 different styles of Ikebana in Japan now, and the one which I have learned and taught is the Ohara style. The school has a standardized and specific curriculum for all students. Besides, there are several grade sessions for different levels. And after you finished one particular session, you may apply for the certificate of that grade level. The instructor will continuously review the work and skills of a student, preparing the student for the level exam. Under the recommendation of the instructor, the Ohara Ikebana Academy will arrange an examination for the student, and issue a certificate to him/her if the exam is passed.


This Ikebana class offers a unique opportunity for the students to combine classical Japanese artistic skills with their personal aesthetic taste and understanding. Once the students become more proficient, they would be able to apply their knowledge and skills to create Ikebana designs in their daily home decor, personal style or in other artistic hobbies. I'm glad to offer free Ikebana course to exchange learning English.I'm studying at advanced class in ESL and trying to teach Ikebana in English.