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Marcus Victor


Personal branding is adapting to context. Each of us has some attributes, some characteristics, which can’t be noticed if they’re not manifested.


In social media networking, we communicate fast. Now. Here. Right now. What are you doing, in 140 characters. Who are you, in 2 phrases. Your business card is your label. What you do is what puts you in a box. Although the contexts and options of communication have changed so fast in the last 100 years, our speed and depth of perception have not. For each context, one must have a facet. In each social context, there are some aspects that you are aware, even at a subconscious level, that is relevant to transmit, to promote. It doesn’t matter who you are in a certain environment, it matters which aspects of who you are related to that environment. Therefore, in a market, for a public, you can only be as much as you are recognized for. It doesn’t matter what your illusion about yourself is. Others might get even what you try to hide, when you don’t concentrate on what the others resonate to. Therefore, when you do not have the ability to carefully select, detect, what is relevant to honestly communicate yourself in a certain environment, that represents poor personal branding skills. You know you have good personal branding skills when you accept yourself as you are, you are aware how others perceive you very clearly, you accept that, you decide what to change, you do it, and you are perceived in THAT certain manner. That is true personal branding. And then, you put yourself in each context as much and as selected as necessary to resonate with the context.