Marketing strategy and Branding.

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Hi, I'm an Art Director and Marketing/Branding consultant based in the UK. I would like to offer my skills to those in need. I'm also hoping to connect with accountants, programmers and 3d Artists.


My skills and softwares: -Market research. -Compiling sales pitch for email and advertising. -Drafting an in-depth lead generation strategy. -Developing visual consistency in all online presence. -Drafting and implementing an interactive marketing strategy. -Content creation. -Growth Hacking. -Interactive social media and internet marketing. -Drafting and implementing a strategy for ad campaigns. -Email Marketing. -Automated marketing. -Email and web copywriting. -Microsoft Office Suite. -MailChimp. -Wordpress. -Shopify. -Hootsuite. -Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, Premiere Pro.