You practice English speaking while I coach you for fitness and nutrition

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I’m an experienced English teacher. I currently teach IETLTs academic at the university level. I’m American so I speak with an American accent. I’m passionate about helping people “find their voice”. I can help language learners feel comfortable and confident enough to speak out their thoughts without fear of over-correction or hyper-criticism. Also, as a trained IELTS teacher, I can assess your level according to IELTS standards and give feedback on how to improve. What I need… My degree was in sports science and I’m a certified nutritionist. I need experience in using the coaching skills I learned in my training and ideally I need testimonials. A testimonial can be as little as: Johnny’s a great coach. Jim, 2020 Or: Johnny’s a great coach. He helped me lose 5kg in 4 weeks. Or: Johnny’s a great coach. He helped me really get control over my eating habits. My energy levels are up, my skin is clearer and I feel more confident than ever. Ideally, your testimonial would include before and after images, but this is not necessary. The point is I need testimonials. So I need to work with someone who truly wants to improve health and/or fitness in some way. If you’re not interested in committing to a health and fitness program and making changes to your life, then sorry, I can’t help you. More about the coaching process… I can design training programs and meal plans, and your coaching process might include one of those, or it might not. However, it will definitely be focused on you talking… which is what you want to practice. There is a particular skill which I have to improve… it’s called motivational interviewing. It’s where I ask you specific questions that are designed to help you find your own motivation and direction for change. The process requires you to talk 80-90% of the time, and I will listen and then based on what you just said, I’ll ask another question. I cannot stop to give you grammar and vocab correction during this process, but I can give you feedback at the end (if you want it). This kind of discussion requires you to have pretty good English already, and basically you just want to improve fluency and accuracy. I would imagine that our coaching interview would last about 30-minutes, once or twice a week. At the end of each 30-minute session, I can spend about 15-minutes giving you feedback.


If you: Have upper-intermediate level English or higher Want to practice speaking Want to improve health and fitness I’m available: Up to 45-min once a week or once every 2 weeks. 30-minutes of me coaching you for health and fitness and then 15-minutes of language feedback Skype or FaceTime