Need Promotion Team members for my book release - "The Surreal Adventures of Anthony Zen"

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Hello! I am looking for people / influencers who have plenty of social media contacts and would be interested in joining my Promotion Team for my upcoming humorous book release "The Surreal Adventures of Anthony Zen". It is a collection of 23 interconnected short stories. If you like absurd, surreal, satirical humour then this is for you. Or maybe you are interested in writing / publishing, which would be a great match. Or you're really good at promoting things! Of course, the team will work out of their own homes, whenever they have a chance to contribute. No major rush. I'm very Zen! I look forward to hearing from you! Kind Regards, Cameron Cameron A. Straughan, B.Sc., B.Ed., M.E.S.


Invite to Join “The Surreal Adventures of Anthony Zen” Launch Team! Hello Friend, I need your help! Being autistic, I’m not the greatest at self promotion. When it comes to social media … well, I’m really good with the ‘media part’! I’m sending you this invite with the hopes that you’ll join my “Anthony Zen Launch Team”. If you agree, I’d like you to: 1. Read the book 2. Review the book (definitely Lulu and Amazon - then wherever possible) 3. Provide / suggest promotional ideas / materials / other team members - ways to promote it, brainstorming 4. Raise social media awareness (FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) 5. Promote the book, or do an interview with me, on your own platform (e.g. podcast, blog) 6. Call / email your local bookstores and libraries and request they order it 7. Take a picture of you reading it! In the spirit of Anthony Zen, I’d like to share images of readers enjoying it in the most absurd situation possible! So get inventive – dress up or find a weird location! Of course, these are open to suggestions / adjustments! In return, I can help you with whatever project you like. I admit, I’m lousy at keeping in touch and communicating via social media, so this is a great chance for me to connect with people and share my skills and experience. I have a lot to share and plenty of time on my hands! For example, here’s how I can help: 1. Free PDF copy for your review / comments etc., then a free paperback copy when launched on Amazon (you might have to purchase first then I will reimburse you, in order to leave a review on Amazon). 2. A reference, should you need it (I’ve written quite a few, in my lifetime) 3. I will be part of your launch team! 4. Promotion of your project 5. Proofreading and editing services 6. Writing services (could help with reports, summaries, synopsis, bios etc.) 7. Advice 8. Tutoring – science, biology, maths up to year 10. 9. Graphic design 10. Photography 11. Database analysis 12. Music production – I just got Studio One 4. To give you plenty of time to review the PDF and comment / brainstorm etc., I intend to “officially launch” on Amazon on Monday, June 1 – both eBook and paperback. Currently, the book is only available on Lulu. It is 142 pages long. I will set up a FaceBook group for our launch team - members only access. We need to keep in touch frequently, so the group will be a fast way to share instructions and celebrate ideas and progress. I hope you’ll agree to help and I’m open to suggestions / recommendations. I think I’ve proven my worth as a writer, and the stories are often acknowledged as having great potential; however, frankly, I need help to succeed. I need a team! Take time to think it over and please let me know your decision either way; I appreciate that this launch team will take some time and effort on your part. If you want to read the PDF before deciding, I will gladly send it along – free, of course! I am including a link to my blog article outlining the book, including its purpose and intent. Please feel free to contact me, if you require further information. Kind Regards, Cameron