website developer for social justice project needed

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I need someone to help me build a website for a social justice not for profit project. I can build a website myself using a template-based website builder like wix, however the feature at the core of the website is not something that seems to be readily available out there.


I need something similar to a survey form with 7-8 entry fields per user (not pre-determined, but open answers) that a) are displayed on the website for everyone to see and one can easily scroll through all entries, potentially even search the collection of entries per certain things like demographic info b) Has a pre-approval feature for me to approve user entries before they go live on the website which is optional ideally, so one that I can switch on and off but if too complicated just a mandatory pre-approval gfeature. This is to deal with trolls. c) has the ability to allow for opt-in into e-mail collection without making the email publicly visible on the site as opposed to the other entries d) Connects to a database where all entries/answers are collected and accessible for me e) is a site I can manage easily on the backend myself once built should I want little tweaks in the future (hence me thinking of wix in the first place) So here the geeky part of the requirements: I need something similar to gravityforms ( ) used in this wordpress site but that ricks all of above boxes: I have only found either poll apps (but they require pre-designed answers) and different form-apps e.g.Google forms (but they don’t show the answers) to link to a website. If you believe you can help, I look forward to hearing from you.