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  •   District 6, Zürich, Switzerland


Deva Massage Touching your soul through your body Individual and Intuitive Immerse yourself in a loving space, a sanctuary. With sensitivity, attentiveness and therapeutic expertise I can help you, to dissolve pain deeply relax and strengthen your vitality. Deva Massage relieves tension, stress and supports continuous recovery. Your heart can open and your self-healing powers can flow more freely. I am happy to accomodate your individual needs: How are you? Which body parts need special attention? What pressure strength do you love, which pace? Would you like a partial or full body massage? The exquisite, organic massage oils are mixed by me personally. Depending on your preference and the purpose of the massage, we will select the right oils for you.


Sessions usually last between 90 and 120 minutes. Of these, 30 minutes are devoted to a before- and after consultation and a short resting period after the massage. You can agree with me on the exact duration when making the appointment or during the consultation.